BMW E30 Turbo Meguiar’s Live Session

نشرت: 05 أغسطس 2016


العودة إلى المعرض

In July Steven Foxall brought his turbocharged E30 BMW to Meguiar’s HQ for a very special Meguiar’s Live Session.


In this Meguiar’s Live Session Tom and Dale cover the aspects to prepare your car for a show. It can often seem like a big task, especially with a new car or a car that has not yet been machine polished, but that need not be the case.


Prior to visiting the detailing booth Steven had considered ways to deal with the ageing paintwork on his 3-series BMW, one even being to respray the car. After visiting Meguiar’s Steven commented that the improvement ‘totally eradicated the need to respray the car’.


Don’t just take our word for it however, watch the entire Meguiar’s Live Session below!


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