Brace Yourselves, Winter Is Coming: #MeguiarsUK On Instagram

نشرت: 18 أكتوبر 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

You’ve got to love the British attitude towards its climate. For 364 days a year we all wait patiently – sunglasses in hand – for that mythical burning star to grace our skies… usually in September when it has no reason to.

Without hesitation the t-shirts come off, flip-flops echo around the High Street and miles of traffic descend on the coast. British summer is finally here. Soak it up.

And then it’s gone tomorrow.

But that’s absolutely fine, ‘cus we British have been conditioned to accept that. And if it stays warm for any longer than a day we’ll only moan it’s too damn hot. Instead, we just don a jacket and get on with life. Keep Cold And Carry On.

Sporadic weather doesn’t make car cleaning easy, but thankfully the Meguiar’s range does. So by means of a celebration we’ve gathered together five of our favourite Instagram uploads from this month, dedicated to all the brave men and women who refuse to let rain drops spoil a car’s paintwork. This one’s for you my friends.

Alex Rogers – Audi S1

Alex’s S1 is like a fine red wine – it just gets better with age! We’re loving the progress he’s made in such a short period of time, now sitting slammed to the ground tuckin’ OZ Racing Ultraleggeras. Merlin Purple is no easy colour to keep clean all year round and takes serious dedication, something Alex clearly hasn’t shied away from.

Frazer Irvine – Audi S3

No sun? No problems. Scottish lad Frazer Irvine’s Audi S3 shows that even in the dullest weather a perfectly-prepped bodywork can shine bright like a diamond. Air Lift suspension, Rotiform wheels and Meguiar’s cleaning product – that’s a winning combination right there.

R-TEC Auto – Civic Type-R

This might not strictly be winter based… but it’s WAY too good not to post! Check out this awesome #Throwback posted by our friends @ R-TEC Auto who have been a big supporter of Meguiar’s UK products since 2001. Their EP3 Type-R Civic hit the cover of Max Power back in 2004 as well as featuring heavily within our adverts at the same time.

Matas – Nissan S14

Everyone knows Nissan S14s make great drift cars, but unfortunately that also means they get used pretty hard. We’re big advocates of properly using a car here at Meguiar’s, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be neglected… right? One man who definitely agrees with us is Matas who owns this super-clean S14 pictured above. Stock bodywork and R33 GT-R wheels makes for a winning combination, even when it’s not going sideways!

Jordan Crawford – VW Golf GTI

Three things impressed us when we saw this photo. Firstly, Jordan’s Mk6 Golf looks seriously badass slammed on its Rotiforms. Secondly, Jordan clearly knows how to take a banging photo. Thirdly – and most importantly – he must’ve got wet feet in the process of taking said photo (or at least went equipped with boots), both of which gets a big thumbs up from us.

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