Car Care Just Got Even Easier: Introducing Mirror Bright by Meguiar’s

نشرت: 17 نوفمبر 2016

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In every generation there exists those people with the desire and skill to craft things with their own hands. Perhaps it was passed down from a grandfather, or perhaps it’s simply an old soul living in the modern day? One thing we do know is that craftsmanship is making a comeback. Nostalgia that’s not old: a new approach with traditional values. The art of the skilled hand has never been more important.


The Mirror Bright Polish Company was founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr. to perfect the finishes on fine furniture and the newly introduced automobile. That passion continues today, and in 2016 we’re hugely excited to launch a special line of products that protect and accentuate your car’s finish, derived from over 110 years of experience, research and development.


Drawing on our legacy and history, we’re proud to announce the new Mirror Bright line of car care products. The distinctive bottles hearken back to our early days with glass bottles and metal screw-off tops. Today’s bottles might be plastic, but the metal top is still with us – adding to that vintage feeling!


With a craft-made look and feel these premium products can help the next generation of car enthusiasts easily choose a line of products that will address virtually every aspect of basic care to a premium level. For those experienced in car care, this line offers some unique performance characteristics that you’ll find not only appealing, but also highly effective.


Each product in the Mirror Bright line is a clean sheet of paper – not a repackaged or tweaked existing formula. Premium performance for a premium user experience!


Each Mirror Bright product has multiple attributes.


Automobile Shampoo – This high foaming shampoo is pH neutral and does not strip wax. It contains Carnauba Milk to leave behind that just waxed finish with a quick and easy application.


Polishing Wax – This Carnauba-based wax contains synthetic polymers to deliver a high-gloss finish with outstanding wax protection. It polishes and waxes all in one step!


Detailing Spray – Gently cleans both interior and exterior surfaces, no need for multiple products. This non-scratch formula is safe on all paint finishes and is ideal for removing bird soiling and grime as well as dirt and dust.


Wheel Cleaner – This cleaner is strong and yet gentle enough to dissolve brake dust remnants without damaging the wheel surface. In fact, this product works well on aluminum, polished and painted alloys.


Leather Lotion – Cleans and conditions leather in one simple step. Cocoa butter, jojoba oil and aloe conditioners nourish the leather leaving behind a clean, supple and matt finish. UV protectants help protect the leather from the suns damaging rays, leaving your leather looking great.


For more information on this new and exciting range (as well as ordering your own stock) please visit the following link:

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  1. يقول StephenM:

    I have a vinyl wrap roof – is the ‘detailing spray’ suitable to clean it?

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