CAR SPOTLIGHT: Alex Hurd’s E46 3-Series

نشرت: 15 ديسمبر 2015


العودة إلى المعرض

We regularly browse the #MeguiarsUK hashtag on instagram to see how your builds are taking shape. This time around Alex Hurd’s (@e46_alex) fantastic E46 3-Series build caught our eye.


The silver paintwork hides a striking yellow M3 interior which contrasts to the white, 3 piece Work wheels perfectly. Outside a subtle level of smoothing gives a super classy feel to the build.


To get the immaculate bodywork sitting close to the tarmac, Alex has opted for an Air Lift Performance threaded body air ride kit with their new V3 management. This allows a mm perfect adjustment of ride height to make the most of the gorgeous wheel set.


Alex is no stranger to Meguiar’s HQ and has visited the booth to get the best from his car care regime and pick up some handy hints and tips too.


Check out more images of Alex’s incredible E46 below:

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