Competition winner spends a day in the Meguiar’s detailing bay

نشرت: 23 أبريل 2014


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The detailing bay at Meguiar’s HQ is something we’re all hugely proud of, and it’s used almost daily for testing, detailing and even training for car clubs and enthusiasts that attend our seminars!In early 2013 TIPEC (The Independent Porsche Enthusiast Club) approached us and asked if we could provide a prize which was a little different to the norm – a chance to spend a day in the detailing bay with our surface care experts…
The lucky winner on the day was Ray Underhill, an enthusiast who has always been into car cleaning and has even shown his Porsche 944 at a few concourse events! Ray was really looking forward to visiting Meguiar’s and honing his car cleaning stills, so to kick-start the day we showed Ray the basic ‘dos and don’ts’ of washing and drying.


Once completed, we headed into the Meguiar’s detailing bay for the cleaning prep and polishing/waxing. Even though this was a well looked after car, under the lights Ray couldn’t believe how swirly the paint was! Having never used a machine polisher before, Ray was itching to learn how to get the best possible finish using the G220V Dual Action Polisher. The majority of the time was spent on the exterior of the car, but Ray also paid attention to the interior dash and leather surfaces.

‘I’ve now got the confidence to go out and buy a G220!’ explains Ray. ‘I can’t believe how much difference the system makes, not to mention how to properly use compound, polish and wax. And all that after a day’s learning – I can’t thank the Meguiar’s team enough!’


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