In the Detailing Bay: Reflex Autodesign Porsche 997 – Final refinement after repaint

نشرت: 26 أبريل 2018


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We get a lot of different cars enter the Meguiar’s detailing bay, but what you might not realise is the variety of reasons and treatments required for each car. The end result is always the same – swirl-free paintwork with maximum protection – but the techniques involved to reach that point differ from car to car.

The most recent car to enter the bay for correction is the Reflex Autodesign Porsche 997. Fitted with Air Lift suspension, Rotiform Wheels and the wild Old & New ‘flatnose’ bodykit, the Reflex 997 definitely doesn’t lack presence. But when a car looks this wild it’s more important than ever to boast flawless paintwork given the attention it’ll receive wherever it goes!

Reflex are long-term friends of Meguiar’s, and with the car recently painted and rotary polished it was yet to be fully refined or protected. Seeing as this very car is about to embark on a 3000-mile jaunt down to Worthersee and back, correcting (and protecting) the paint was an absolute must. Luckily, Meguiar’s has just the solution…

Given the condition of the car and how fresh the paint was, the Reflex Porsche didn’t need any prior cleaning before entering the bay aside from a quick spray of our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner to remove any initial brake dust on the Rotiform wheels caused by the monstrous Forge brakes.

Positioned in the bay, a quick once-over with the Supreme Drying Towel removed any excess water before final refinement could begin.

For this particular car, we opted for our MT320 Dual Action Polisher matched with 3in cutting and finishing pads. Why 3in? For a start, the Old & New bodykit is seriously intricate featuring many curves, vents and angles. Bigger pads cover a larger surface area but can be much harder to reach every area.

In addition to this, the classic Rothmans-inspired livery features several vinyl components including two stripes down either side of the car. With a 3in microfibre pad it’s much easier to work in between these lines without potentially damaging the vinyl in the process.

Paint refinement would be achieved using two key Meguiar’s products: DAMF (DA Micofibre) Correction Compound and DAMF Polishing Wax. These are part of our professional series, and while they’re safe to use on all cars and paintwork we always recommend they’re only used by trained professionals to maximise their effect. If you’re new to the world of detailing, we always recommend our Ultimate series which will allow you to achieve the same results in a safer, slower way.

In fact, the main advantage for these two products is indeed the time required to correct a car compared to say Ultimate Compound. Specifically designed for use with a microfibre pad (which creates more heat and cut compared to foam) it allows a car to be refined quickly and effectively when applied correctly.

Fun fact: These two products were designed for car auction houses to rapidly prepare cars ahead of being sold.

Application is very similar to the consumer range, starting with Correction Compound (working on a panel at a time) before removing with a clean microfibre cloth, followed-up with the Polishing Wax for a super-deep gloss and protection. We’ll be bringing you a full step-by-step guide on using both these products later in the week including the pros and cons compared to our consumer range.

Paintwork professionally refined, there was just enough time to step back and admire the hard work… just two days before it inevitably gets filthy on its way to Austria. But you know what? Cars are designed to be driven and with this level of protection it’ll remain swirl-free and super-shiny for many, many miles.

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