Detailing Seminar: Mazda MX5 Owners Club

نشرت: 25 مارس 2014


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Hosting workshops or seminars for car enthusiasts is an important part of Meguiar’s everyday global activity. In the UK we regularly speak to and invite clubs along to witness first-hand the benefits of Meguiar’s car care, and earlier in the month we had the pleasure of welcoming the Mazda MX5 Owners Club to our Daventry HQ.


Typically these seminars take place during the winter months when car clubs tend to be less active, so with a rare spot of sunshine and a car park full of MX5s we opened up the detailing bay and stocked up on coffee last weekend to give club members an in-depth look at keeping their cars clean ALL year round.


Each seminar kicks-off with a 45-minute Power Point presentation detailing each stage of car cleaning as well as addressing those common misconceptions such as super-expensive Carnauba wax. Owners are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible, and with early MX5s suffering from paint fade and convertible weatherproofing there was plenty of common issues to be addressed!


After the presentation owners were invited down to the indoor Detailing Bay where one lucky (or unlucky!) MX5 was invited in to show the benefits of Meguiar’s on paint swirl marks and baked-on stains. Derek’s Mk2 was chosen – a car he’s owned since brand new – with typical swirl marks visible on the bonnet highlighted more by the black paintwork. Crucially the paint was still in good condition, allowing the finish to be brought back up to a factory standard.

From hand-applied wax and clay bars right through to the DA Power System, the hands-on Detailing session highlights the benefits each system offers and the type of finish you can expect in just a few minutes using Meguiar’s products. At the end of the seminar each club member receives a pack of samples to use on their own MX5, as well as the chance to buy those products used throughout – something almost every owner decided to benefit from.


We had a fantastic day with the MX5 Owners Club and look forward to welcoming the next group of enthusiasts very soon. If you’d like to find out more information, please contact us directly on

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