The fast, easy way to wash your car: Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+

نشرت: 02 مارس 2018


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To get the best from a car’s paintwork often requires several time-consuming steps to achieve. There’s the initial wash, decontamination using a clay bar and of course the paint correction which leaves the paint swirl-free and silky smooth. But what if you don’t have the time or patience to go through with every step? Should you just accept your paint is always going to be scratched and dull? Meguiar’s doesn’t think so, and we’ve developed the perfect solution for you…

Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+ is a fast and easy way to wash your car which does more than simply cleans your paint – it actively removes contaminants AND swirl marks while you clean! There’s no careful mixing or repeat trips with the bucket; simply apply Car Wash Plus+ directly to your wash mitt and away you go.

How does it work? Car Wash Plus+ features a 100% active formula which works similar to both a clay bar and compound, stripping paintwork of contaminants while polishing swirl marks as you clean thanks to its abrasive nature. Once applied using a wash mitt, simply rinse it off to reveal your cleaned and polished paintwork with no other steps necessary.

For the consumer wanting the absolute best paint finish, Meguiar’s will always recommend running a clay bar followed by compound and wax, but for the consumer who wants maximum results for minimal effort, Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+ is the perfect solution for you. After all, if you’re washing your car anyway why not remove and polish some of the scratches in the process?

Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+ is priced at just £15 and is available to order immediately from our website here:

NOTE: Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+ will not only strip contaminants including dirt, tar and grime, but also any wax currently applied to your paintwork.



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