Ferrari F40 GT + Tax the Rich = Farmkhana!

نشرت: 03 فبراير 2016


العودة إلى المعرض

If you’re a petrolhead with a social media account the name ‘Tax the Rich’ should be all too familiar. These are the guys responsible for pushing the world’s most exotic supercars to the absolute limits: drifting a Rolls Royce Phantom on a field? No sweat. Playing tug-of-way with a pair of Ferrari F50s? Yup, got that covered too…

Topping those sort of past exploits is no easy task, but this is Tax the Rich after all. This time, they’ve taken the holy grail of supercars – a Ferrari F40 – and created their own version of upper-class Gymkhana, otherwise known as Farmkhana! But this isn’t just any old F40. What you’re looking at is the super-rare (or rather, rarer), competition-spec F40 GT – one of only seven ever built!


Launched back in 1987 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the F40 was later converted to racing specification by Italian experts Michelotto in 1991. Power was raised to 590bhp alongside racing suspension, brakes, weight reduction and more. Put simply, it’s the ultimate model of the ultimate supercar.

It’s safe to say the F40 GT was never designed to drift & tear-up a farmyard, but that doesn’t stop it being jaw-droppingly awesome! So turn up the speakers and enjoy…

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