GALLERY: Meguiar’s @ Players Classic 2016

نشرت: 16 يونيو 2016


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Players Classic rocks. Very few shows can boast such a prestigious location like Goodwood Circuit, and when you combine that with an eclectic mix of show cars on display the end result is always going to be awesome.


When we say eclectic, we really do mean it! Don’t think this is a glorified VAG event – Players Classic is the only place you’ll see an Austin Healy parked alongside a Zakspeed Capri and a 700bhp Toyota Supra race car. It doesn’t matter what scene you belong to, everything is welcome @ Players Classic providing its built to the highest standard…


Meguiar’s is proud to be a main sponsor of Players Classic, and has been since its first year back in 2013. As well as displaying our full range of car care & cleaning products, Meguiar’s also presents several awards throughout the event for our favourite cars spotted.


As well as boasting a range of cars on the Meguiar’s stand – including an Air-equipped Audi Q3 right through to a wide-arch Mazda RX7 – Meguiar’s also debuted our ‘Polish Interceptor’ Crown Vic project, complete with a fresh new boot install courtesy of Phil @ The Install Company.


If you didn’t get a chance to see the boot @ Players Classic we’ll be taking a closer look at this build later in the month. See the paint? That’s factory… brilliantly revived using nothing but Meguiar’s products and a bit of elbow grease! And the Crown Vic was 100% a used Police car in the states, too!


2016 truly raised the bar for Players Classic @ Goodwood, proving that you really can have your cake and eat it when putting on a car show in the UK. Incredible location? Check. Europe’s best show cars? You bet. Meguiar’s UK in attendance? It wouldn’t be the same without!


We’ll be taking a closer look at some of our favourite cars from Players Classic later in the week, as well as those Meguiar’s award winners from the day, but until then check out the Meguiar’s UK gallery below – enjoy!

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