GALLERY: XS Mag Meet – Klagenfurt, Wörthersee

نشرت: 12 يونيو 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

Arriving to a show a week before it takes place sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disappointment, but Wörthersee isn’t like your typical car shows! You see, weeks before the big event thousands of VW-mad car fans have already descended on lake Wörthersee. Why? ‘Cus it’s a beautiful location with glorious weather… consider it an automotive holiday!

You can drive round Lake Wörthersee in just over an hour, but with so many cars scattered all around the Austrian scenery it’s not always that easy to see everything. Instead, a variety of car meets and get togethers take place during this time before the show, courtesy of media outlets, magazines and wheel/suspension manufacturers.

One of the must-attend events this year was the XS Mag meet in Klagenfurt, located (handily) next to a Subway AND a supermarket. No need for £8 death burgers here! German-based online magazine XS Mag showcase all aspects of car culture, specifically those stanced vehicles synonymous with VW culture.

Meguiar’s rocked up to the meet in the early evening and there was already some wild cars on display. Not one but two aired-out Lamborghini Huracans took centre stage, closely followed by a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R. But in addition to these super-wild creations the XS Mag meet showcased some more traditional VAG motors, including a sleeper-spec 700bhp Audi S4 and a classic ‘Brick’ Volvo 240 slammed on Air Lift suspension.

With the sun going down and hundreds of cars still arriving, you’d be forgiven in thinking this was the main Wörthersee event and not a simple get together arranged via social media! But that’s what makes this event such good fun – simply by driving around and checking Facebook you can stumble across some of the best cars gathered together from the whole of Europe.

Don’t believe us? Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think!

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