Gear Up For SEMA 2017 With Meguiar’s UK!

نشرت: 18 أكتوبر 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

As we head towards November the UK show scene has all but drawn to an end. The mornings are frosty, daylight short and a constant drizzle makes being a car fan pretty bleak. But what if you’re not ready for the winter slump? There is one answer, and it’s just a quick (well, 10-hour) flight away…

We’re talking about SEMA. Regular readers of the Meguiar’s Blog will be all too familiar with this event. Hands-down it’s one of our favourites in the calendar, and not just because it happens to be in Las Vegas of all places!

SEMA is the largest automotive tuning event in the world. If you thought Autosport was big, prepare to have your mind well and truly blown by SEMA. They do say everything’s bigger in America after all…

But SEMA is more than just a show; it’s a week-long celebration of car tuning and culture. This is an industry often belittled or overshadowed by the OE sector, but a trip to SEMA makes you realise car customisation is here to stay!

No other trade show puts classic V8 pushrods alongside the latest high-tech electric motors, all in the name of making cars better, faster or just plain cooler. Let’s not forget making everything shine that bit brighter, too.

Meguiar’s is honoured to be a long-standing supporter of SEMA and once again will be in attendance showcasing a wide range of new and exciting products. What’s more, we’ll be in attendance from the 31st October to bring you a glimpse of all the weird and wonderful creations spotted in Sin City – not to mention an exclusive preview on upcoming Meguiar’s technologies hitting the shelves in 2018.

Until then, check out our favourite picks from last year’s event here and make sure you check back from November 1st for daily updates!

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