Gunther Werks 400R @ SEMA 2017

نشرت: 30 نوفمبر 2017


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Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past five years, you’ll be well aware of just how bonkers the Porsche market is right now. ‘Porsche Passion’ has set in across the world driving prices into stratospheric levels, and (unfortunately) meaning that limited-edition models are snapped up purely for investment purposes rather than actually being used.

It’s a damn shame to say the least. As a petrolhead, is there anything worse than seeing a highly-engineered machine being vacuum-sealed for a future auction? We don’t think so…

But all hope is not lost, thanks in part to a range of bespoke tuners/creators including US-based Gunther Werks. Earlier in the month Meguiar’s had the pleasure of showcasing the new Gunther Werks 400R on our SEMA stand, and to say it caused a stir is a MASSIVE understatement!

To the untrained eye, the Gunther Werks 400R is a seriously-cool, seriously-wide Porsche 993 finished to a super-high standard. But stand a little closer and not all is as it seems…

For a start there’s the name, 400R. This isn’t just a number plucked from thin air; it refers to the engine power produced by its 4.0-litre, naturally aspirated engine. It’ll rev to a cool 7800rpm with peak torque @ 330lb-ft, all of which is sent to the rear wheels only making it one of the most-powerful RWD, naturally aspirated 993s in existence.

Then there’s the exterior. Every panel – with the exception of the doors for side impact protection – has been replaced with carbon fibre to shed weight without compromising the looks which take inspiration from the infamous 993 GT2 race car. This attention to detail is carried over on the interior, too, with every single panel being retrimmed, replaced or upgraded with lightweight items – all of which can be customized by the lucky owner.

Speaking of which, only 25 examples are being made due to the sheer time invested into each car – a cool 1000 plus man hours. That might sound excessive, but the 400R has been developed to be the ultimate 993 in every sense, from the engine power and vehicle weight right through to the driving dynamics and handling. There may be more powerful 993s in existence, but nothing – not even from the factory – comes close to what Gunther Werks have achieved here.

You can see the full spec on the 400R at the Gunther Werks website below, but be warned – it WILL make you incredibly jealous of the lucky 25 fortunate enough to afford one:

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