Improve showroom finish with Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax

نشرت: 27 أكتوبر 2017


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It’s not only tired, faded paint that can be improved with Meguiar’s products. Finishing products like Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax can be used to make minor corrections to factory fresh paint too.

Sometimes it can be useful to clay bar the car before reaching for the Ultimate Polish. Usually only if your car may have spent some time outside in a dealership or if you know it has been standing for a little while. If you run your fingernail along the surface it may feel bumpy to the touch. This Urban Range Rover was in pristine condition and after testing a section of the bonnet we decided it didn’t need to see any Clay Bar action.

A post-purchase detailing session can be especially useful on piano black details that can sometimes already be hazy from factory. In addition to correcting swirls, Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax feed and protect the paintwork.

Carbon fibre parts can also benefit from some attention. These can often be overlooked and an can be given an additional level of depth and shine with minimal effort.

Because the heat required to make these minor corrections is low, Ultimate Polish can be applied by hand with an applicator pad. First apply a small amount of product to the pad.

It’s then a great idea to prime the pad, this ensures an even coating and the pad can glide over the surface.

Use overlapping circular motions to work Ultimate Polish into the paint surface and begin correcting minor swirls and hazing. Ultimate Polish should not be allowed to dry.

Once you have finished applying, wipe the product straight off with a clean microfibre. This will give a high gloss finish. The oils in Ultimate Polish also feed the paintwork, giving black surfaces a deeper, ‘blacker’ appearance.

Once you have corrected your surface it’s time to protect it. Ultimate wax can be applied in the same way as you applied Ultimate Polish. Load an applicator pad with a little product and work it into the surface.

The difference here is that Ultimate wax can be left to cure before you remove it, in fact it gives a better result. To test if it’s ready to come off simply wipe a finger along the surface.

If the product comes off with no smears then you can take a clean microfibre and wipe it away. This reveals an even greater level of depth than before.

You can repeat these steps on all painted or carbon fibre surfaces on the car.

With Ultimate Polish and Ultimate wax applied to your car’s exterior it allows the fresh paintwork to really shine through. It will also be protected against the elements and much easier to clean going forward.

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