In the detailing bay: Bryn Williams Astra VXR

نشرت: 13 أبريل 2016

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The Meguiar’s detailing bay is the ultimate tool when achieving a show-winning a finish on your car. Equipped with more than 30 high-power strip lights that surround a car’s bodywork, the Meguiar’s detailing bay highlights imperfections, scratches and swirls that would otherwise go unnoticed in daylight conditions.


Every year Meguiar’s welcomes a wide range of car clubs and enthusiasts into the bay to provide a hands-on experience with the Meguiar’s range, as well as addressing many of the misconceptions usually associated with detailing your car. Each of our products is designed to make car cleaning simple and easy while achieving the absolute best finish possible. Detailing doesn’t always mean hard work…


Earlier this month Meguiar’s welcomed Bryn Williams into the bay along with his incredible Astra VXR. Since purchasing the car new Bryn has transformed its appearance and performance with air suspension, Vossen wheels and a Stage 3 tune to name a few upgrades. As a regular show-goer, Bryn was keen to see exactly what condition his car’s paintwork was in as well as address several misconceptions he’d heard in the world of detailing. Let’s take a closer look at the topics covered!


Waterless washing – is it safe?

If you don’t have access to water the safest way to clean your car (without a wash mitt and bucket) is to use our Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere. After traveling miles to a show you’re guaranteed to pick up dirt – no matter how well a car is prepared.


Ultimate Wash And Wax Anywhere is a quick detailer’s best friend. Instead of saturating the dirt and pushing it around the paintwork, Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash And Wax gets underneath the dirt and removes it safely thanks to its unique formula. To further reduce the risk of swirls, we recommend using two Supreme Shine Microfiber cloths – one to wipe dirt away, the second to buff the paint.


Machine Polishing – will I burn the paint?

When Bryn entered the detailing bay, he was already familiar with machine polishing but hesitant to get involved due to the potential risk of burning through the paint. This simply isn’t the case with a Meguiar’s DA (Dual Action) system. Thanks to its dual action, the Meguiar’s DA removes the danger of burning through factory paint full stop. In fact, we say the most damage you can do with our DA is by dropping it onto the paintwork!


The reason why it’s so safe is the way the polishing head moves compared to a traditional high-speed, high-heat rotary system. Rather than rotating, the Meguiar’s DA oscillates and rotates which reduce aggressiveness and heat transfer to the pad (the most common cause of burning through paint). To master a rotary can take many years, but with the Meguiar’s DA you can be confidently removing swirls in just 10 minutes as Bryn proved!


Waxing – should it be hard work to remove?

Waxing your car is the last step after a detailing session, and if you’ve properly corrected and polished your paintwork it should also be the easiest… which it is! If anyone has ever told you that a wax was difficult to take off, quite simply they have applied WAY too much. When it comes to waxing less really is more, especially when using a fully synthetic wax such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax.


The benefit of a synthetic wax is the use of fine film technology which means a very small amount of product goes a long way. We have previously used a half ounce sample to wax an entire Audi A5! You should leave the wax to cure for roughly 10-15 minutes – running your finger through it to test if its ready to be removed (the wax should come off on you finger) which then means its ready to be removed.


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  1. يقول Matt:

    WOW… do i get this done to my VXR??

  2. يقول william:

    how do i get my vxr this shiny i have a da polisher

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