In The Detailing Bay: Car Audio & Security’s Dodge Challenger

نشرت: 11 أكتوبر 2016


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We’re big fans of American Muscle here at Meguiar’s – so much so we’ve even built our own ‘Polish Interceptor’ demo car using a Ford Crown Vic as a base! So when our friends down at Car Audio & Security needed a little paint correction on their Dodge Challenger demo car, how could we possibly say no?


Fitted with Air Lift Performance suspension, 22in wheels and Kenwood audio the CAS Challenger is one seriously badass ride. Over the past 12-months its traveled all across Britain showcasing the sort of upgrades the London-based audio specialists offer, but as you’d expect keeping this amount of paintwork clean and swirl-free week after week is no easy task. Step forward the Meguiar’s detailing bay…


If you’re looking to achieve the ultimate shine and finish, the Meguiar’s detailing bay is the perfect tool. Once positioned, a mass of ultra-bright lights beam down onto the car’s paintwork at every angle – highlighting every single scratch, swirl and cobweb that would otherwise go amiss in daylight (or even sunny) conditions. It brings out the very worst in a car’s paint, but it means you can achieve the very best results in the end!


After washing the Challenger initially with Wash And Wax Anywhere, the next step (as always) was to prep the surface using a clay bar. This is an essential step for removing contaminants including bird muck from a car’s paint – check out the following link for a more detailed look at using Meguiar’s Quik Clay:


Paintwork prepped, Meguiar’s M105 Compound was applied using a yellow polishing disc to revive the clarity and reduce the risk of marking the paint. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Professional Ultra-Cut Compound (otherwise known as 105) is an ultra-fast cutting compound designed for rapid paint correction with minimal compounding swirls.


With the main correction complete, the next step was the polish. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Professional Ultra Finishing Polish (otherwise known as 205) features advanced technology formula to provide a deep gloss, permanently removing swirls and light defects. This was applied using the black finishing disc in order to remove compound hazing and give the car a wet-look gloss.


Paintwork gleaming, the final step involved Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax paste to not only protect the finish but enhance the overall gloss of the paint, too. With a compound such as 105, you revive paintwork. With a compound such as 205, you’re refining that paintwork further. By finishing with a wax, it’ll give your newly corrected paint the proper protection it deserves!


The final result was nothing short of spectacular, and to celebrate such a rich and deep gloss we decided what better way to showcase the Challenger than with a little shoot with our own Crown Vic! Question is… which one is shiniest?


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