INTRODUCING: The Meguiar’s ’66 Ford Econoline

نشرت: 21 أغسطس 2017


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Here at Meguiar’s we’re firm believers in the age-old phrase ‘practice what you preach’. After all, why trust a car care company who isn’t fully immersed within the automotive scene and prepared to use product on their own builds?

It’s the main reason we added the Crown Vic to our demo fleet; an ex-Police car (aka one of the hardest-working vehicles on the road) brought back to a show-worthy standard using nothing but Meguiar’s consumer products. In the two years since its unveiling, the Crown Vic has covered upwards of 20,000-miles, driven across Europe and smoked its fair share of tyres – but its paintwork has always remained immaculate!

For 2017 Meguiar’s is super-excited to be adding yet another project car to the fleet, and once again it’s not your typical choice of vehicle. Why? Well choosing the right demo vehicle isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. For a start, it needs to be fairly inoffensive and appeal to the widest range of car fans possible given how many events Meguiar’s attends. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s got to look cool…

That’s enough of the chit-chat, welcome everybody to the Meguiar’s 1966 Ford Econoline! Econo-what?! The Ford Econoline (or E-Series) is a full-size van first sold in ‘Murica back in 1961. In fact, it’s still currently in production (and only second in terms of having the longest production run to the Ford F-Series).

The car (or van) you see here has just the one previous owner, a family-run cleaning business no less, and came with full service history during it’s time on the road between 1966-1982. Despite being off the road for over 30-years it was in fantastic condition, helped in part to the Pennsylvanian weather keeping it rust-free and the bodywork being wax sealed during that time.

Upon taking delivery of the Econoline, Meguiar’s had any mechanical gremlins rectified by Russ @ Prep N Lay before transporting the van down the road to Reflex Autodesign. The plan is simple: a colour change from the original blue to match our new Mirror Bright range combined with pin striping from Nefarious for an authentic vintage feel.

There’s just a few weeks left until it’s big reveal @ Goodwood Revival, but the Reflex team are making great progress and we cant wait to get it back in the detailing bay! Make sure you keep up-to-date with the build by following our Instagram page @

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