INTRODUCING: Meguiar’s Supreme Drying Towel

نشرت: 07 فبراير 2018


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New for 2018, the Meguiar’s Supreme Drying Towel is the perfect solution for quickly and effectively removing water from your car’s paintwork in minimal time. There’s nothing more frustrating than being left with streaky water marks after initially cleaning your car, so the Meguiar’s team specifically developed the Supreme Drying Towel to do exactly what it says on the box…

How did we achieve this? The deep pile and size of this towel (55cm x 76cm) lends itself to whatever drying style you adopt – whether it’s the pat down method, drag and fold or simply wiping the bodywork. Its 920gsm pile ensures the towel absorbs water super-fast with a softness that helps reduce marks on soft paint, and to REALLY prevent any potential marking we’ve even used soft edges on each towel making it even safer.

Clear coat safe, super absorbent and machine washable after each use – there’s a reason we’ve called it the Supreme Drying Towel and nothing else; car care has never been easier!

TOP TIP: Before drying a car with the Supreme Drying Towel, spray each panel with quik detailer or quik wax to help lubricate the surface to not only speed the removal process, but also to enhance glass and provide additional protection to your paint.

You can order your Supreme Drying Towel over on the Meguiar’s shop here:

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