INTRODUCING: The Meguiar’s Crown Victoria – Part 1

نشرت: 18 أبريل 2016

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Here at Meguiar’s we’re hugely proud to support a wide range of automotive events and show cars throughout the UK. From concours classics @ Birmingham’s NEC to the latest stanced VWs @ Overstone Park, Meguiar’s attends upwards of 50 events during a single show season in the UK.


For 2016 we’ve decided to switch things up a bit, taking on the challenge of building our very own demo car to showcase across the UK and beyond! The challenge is, how do you choose just one vehicle to represent your brand when attending different car scenes every weekend? Our solution – a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Car!


Originally manufactured in 2008 (and serving as an actual Police Interceptor in the states), the Meguiar’s ‘Polish Interceptor’ ticks all the right boxes – a big, thumping V8 in the front, seats big enough to fit an entire family in the back and super-glossy black paint to showcase the high-quality finish of all our cleaning products. Don’t think it’s going to be left standard, either…



Since taking delivery of the Crown Vic last month, we’ve already had custom Meguiar’s pinstriping added to the bodywork, a custom exhaust system courtesy of EMP Performance and a seriously imposing ‘nudge’ bar fitted to the front!


Future plans include bespoke Air Lift Performance suspension, a Kenwood audio install, blue & red lights and a hidden train horn. Make no mistake, you won’t be able to ignore this when you see it rollin’ down the road!

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We’ll be bringing you a more detailing look at the future modifications taking place on the Crown Vic including its visit to Phil @ The Install Company, but until then take a look at how well the standard paintwork shines with a bit of Meguiar’s TLC – not bad for an 8-year-old persuit vehicle…



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  1. يقول alex:

    starting to look great, cant wait to see it finished

  2. يقول Lindsay:

    Cleaning up the mean streets of the UK eh?!
    Looking good 🙂

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