It’s a wrap. It’s not just paint, you can correct vinyl too.

نشرت: 10 مارس 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

We get plenty of emails and messages on social media from people wanting to know how to get the best from their vinyl wrapped car. Just like paint, vinyl can pick up contaminants and oxidise over time and leave you with a finish that is dull compared to a freshly applied wrap.


Latham‘s RS4 is a 500bhp daily driven wagon, used for all the duties an estate should. Wether it’s super fast Sunday trips to the tip, carting the family Bull Mastiff Shar Pei around or a leisurely commute the RS4 encounters all manner of dirt and grime. Expertly wrapped by Vivid Vinyl in glacier white, Latham felt that over a year on the finish could do with a boost.


Machine polishing vinyl is made easy with the Meguiar’s MT320 Dual Action Polisher, because of the excellent speed control and head motion you can prevent heat buildup in the vinyl. The latest Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Polishing Wax was used to feed, polish and protect the vinyl surface.


To accompany the fresh white finish, Meguiars Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit was used to bring the scuffed headlight lenses back to a sparkling clear finish. Although not too bad the lights did show some oxidisation of the plastic finish:



After being treated the clarity of the lens is much improved and allows for a clearer beam of light at night, perfect for b-road blasts in this uber-estate.


The RS4 will be on display at this weekends Ultimate Dubs show in Telford so you can catch a closer look at how Latham’s vinyl wrap has been rejuvenated.


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