Jamie Gough’s Wide Arch MK2 at the NEC Classic Motorshow

نشرت: 30 نوفمبر 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

When you think NEC Classic Motorshow you might not immediately think about Jamie Gough’s X-Pack MK2 Escort but with a variety of race cars on display throughout the show it felt right at home.

It may not be the first time you’ve seen it either as Jamie is no stranger to the modern show circuit. NEC Classic Motorshow gave an opportunity to show it to a new audience however, and it went down a storm on the Meguiar’s stand.

Maybe it was the new turbo fan style cooling discs on the front wheels, or the pleasant surprise of a worked pinto under the bonnet that people liked most. Whatever it was, Jamie’s MK2 Escort stopped people in their tracks throughout the three day show.

It’s in the engine bay where we spent most of our time browsing. It’s absolutely period correct in there with a big set of Weber carbs feeding the single cam Ford motor. The detail Jamie’s put into the build is better than some modern race cars and the overall effect is stunning. Form and function in perfect balance.

Follow the build on Jamie’s Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/jaymk2/

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