Meguiar’s DA Power System scores high in MiniWorld Buff Daddy test!

نشرت: 17 أبريل 2014


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The Meguiar’s DA Power System is quickly gaining popularity with professional detailers and home car care enthusiasts alike. The dual action head simply attaches to a household drill to help remove oxidation, swirls and scratches, quickly and safely from your paintwork.

This month, MiniWorld’s own Buff Daddy put the system through its paces. Impressed with the results he awarded a very tricky to achieve four out of five stars. Buff Daddy went on to comment ”The system is very easy to install and use and the DA Power Pack make the various steps (compounding, polishing, waxing) fool-proof.”


The Meguiar’s DA Power system comes with three DA Power packs that accompany the tool: Compound (safely removing oxidation, stains, light scratches and water spots), Polish (removing swirls, clarifying the paint for added gloss and depth) and Wax (adding protection and enhancing brilliance and reflectivity.


Priced at just £59.99 it’s a fantastic way to sample the finishes possible with machine polishing without financially committing to a dedicated machine polisher. Visit to see the Meguiar’s tutorial video for the DA Power System and see it in action for yourself!

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