Meguiar’s DA Power System wins Fast Car ‘I wish i’d thought of that’ award!

نشرت: 06 يناير 2014


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Here at Meguiar’s we’re proud to boast a huge range of cleaning products suitable for just about every job thinkable, and one of our most-popular right now is the DA Power System. This super-clever device is the perfect solution for those who want to professionally machine polish their car’s paintwork without spending a fortune – something which has seriously impressed Fast Car Magazine in their latest ‘Awards’ issue!


Simply connect the DA Power System onto any handheld drill and you’ve instantly got a professional grade Dual Action Polisher. By letting your drill do the work you can now wax your car in just 30-minutes with better results than hand or orbital applications, and all for just £59.99!

FC cirtificate

‘A top-notch professional-style rotary polisher from one of the biggest names in the car care business’ says Fast Car Editor Jules Truss. ‘There’s the option of a whole load of pads, compounds and polishes to go with it too. We like this lots!’


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