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Hosting workshops and seminars for car enthusiasts is an important part of Meguiar’s global activity, and with the UK show season slowing down we’d like to welcome your car club along to witness first hand the benefits of Meguiar’s car care. Whether you’re interested in simply keeping your car clean or restoring it to a show-winning condition, each Meguiar’s detailing seminar covers all the bases kicking off with an indoor presentation followed by hands-on practice and techniques in our detailing bay.


Each club  seminar consists of:

  • A 45 minute presentation of “Best Practice” in the Training Room. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and hopefully dispel a few myths.
  • An hour or so working on a visitor’s car in our Detailing Bay to demonstrate products and techniques and give visitors an opportunity to try for themselves.
  • Every visitor receives a pack of sachet samples to take away.


From hand-applied wax and clay bars right through to the DA Power System, the hands-on Detailing session highlights the benefits each system offers and the type of finish you can expect in just a few minutes using Meguiar’s products. At the end of the seminar each club member receives a pack of samples to use on their own car, as well as the chance to buy those products used throughout.


Our aim is to attract enthusiasts with a passion for making their car look the best it possibly can – regardless of model, make or age. When enthusiasts have experienced Meguiar’s products for themselves, they invariably become advocates for our brand. Each seminar can accommodate 12-20 people and starts at 10am but we ask if you can aim to arrive for 09.30am where we will provide refreshments.


To book a detailing seminar for your car club, please e-mail Tom Clarke at or simply click the tab below.

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