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In the world of car cleaning experience speaks volume, and only one company can boast a history spanning more than 100 years – Meguiar’s. Founded back in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr., the first product ever to roll off the production line was in fact a wood furniture polish! Frank even made it using a good ol’ fashion eggbeater in his front room…

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By the 50s Meguiar’s was now producing proper waxes and polishes including the ‘Mirror Glaze’, a professional product used by manufacturers, dealers and body shops to achieve the best possible shine. As the car industry began to explode in the 60s, it didn’t take long for punters to recognize the awesome paint finish achieved by Meguiar’s on all the trade cars. It was time to make it accessible to ALL car enthusiasts.


From the USA and Australia to France and even China – Meguiar’s is now a worldwide brand with headquarters located in all the major countries including the UK. But despite this huge growth, Meguiar’s have never lost track of their core values – providing a high-quality, affordable product available to ALL can enthusiasts! We’re hugely proud to have such a strong following from all types of car enthusiasts, especially those modified and custom creations. Make sure you grab this month’s issue of Fast Car Magazine for a full history lesson on the world of Meguiar’s!



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