Meguiar’s On Tour: 3rd August 2014. Ford Fair, Sponsored by Meguiar’s

نشرت: 15 يوليو 2014


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We’ve got a massive soft spot for Ford’s at Meguiar’s UK, with a well sorted Fiesta ST and Focus ST in the staff fleet you could say that we are a little biased. It’s only natural then that we will be attending Europe’s largest Ford festival – Ford Fair!

Meguiar’s will be sponsoring the fiercely contested Concours competition at the show, so be sure to register here if you have what it takes to take on the best prepared Fords from the UK and across Europe!

We were there last year too and with a huge attendance and a really varied selection of cars, we’re looking forward to going back this year! Here’s a gallery of some of our favourites from 2013:

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