Meguiar’s @ Players 2014: Zac @ Forge Motorsport’s Mk1 Golf

نشرت: 25 سبتمبر 2014


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In the world of modifying one-upmanship is common practice, whether it’s fitting wider wheels, louder audio gear or increasing horsepower. It’s definitely not a bad thing – in fact it gives companies and tuners the perfect opportunity to show off their skills – but sometimes it’s just as impressive to see a super-clean, well built project that ticks all the right boxes.


That philosophy is exactly what Zac Miles @ Forge Motorsport has applied to his Mk1 Golf pictured here on the Meguiar’s stand @ Players 2014. It’s hasn’t got the most powerful engine in the world, nor is it running bespoke wide-arch bodyworknot the most powerful, it hasn’t got a bespoke wide-arch bodykit. It’s just a seriously cool VDub with every element covered from the interior to the engine, and we absolutely love it!


Zac’s opted for a monochrome blue and silver theme throughout the car, an eye-catching but classy paint scheme which suits the Mk1 shape perfectly. It’s the end result of almost two years of hard work, with Zac and the Forge Motorsport team stripping the car back to a bare shell (originally orange!) before repairing, replacing and upgrading just about every nut and bolt throughout it.


But there is one party piece that sets Zac’s Mk1 apart from the rest – the Air Lift Performance Suspension. The Mk1 was always built to be used, so a full Air Lift suspension setup (the first on a Mk1 in the UK) allows Zac to have the perfect lowered stance at shows and a practical ride height for the drive home – the best of both worlds!


It was a pleasure to welcome Zac’s Mk1 onto the Meguiar’s stand @ Players 2014 and see the attention to detail up close. We look forward to helping Zac and the Forge Motorsport team keep this Mk1 looking immaculate throughout the rest of the year.

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