Meguiar’s Pro Range: MT320 Dual Action Polisher Professional Kit

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Introducing the MT320 Dual Action Polisher Professional Kit – the latest addition to our hugely successful DA paint correction range.


Just like the name suggests, this is a kit intended for professional use only with particular attention focused on enhancing paint clarity and refining gloss – all while remaining body shop safe.


As with all Meguiar’s Dual Action Polishers, the MT320 Pro Kit removes swirls, scratches and defects with total ease. To show just how quickly this can be achieved, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide outlining the key products in the MT320 Pro Kit along with the necessary techniques to achieve the best finish possible.

Step 1: Removing swirls, scratches and defects

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Professional Ultra-Cut Compound (otherwise known as 105) is an ultra-fast cutting compound designed for rapid paint correction with minimal compounding swirls.


Super-micro abrasives leave a ‘best in class’ finish that requires very little finishing work, with the ability to quickly remove oxidation, medium to heavy scratches, 1200 grit (or finer) sanding marks and even bird dropping and stains.


Firstly, prime the red cutting disc with the product itself that will ensure it doesn’t dry up. Feed the product into the pad, applying a small amount before use.


Spread the product in a small area with the MT320 machine set on its slowest speed, ensuring an even coating of product has been applied over the area being worked.


Meguiar’s recommends using a test panel beforehand to get an idea of what pressure/speed and product is needed.


With the required cutting speed set, work your passes into a crosshatch formation reducing your arm speed to as slow as possible. Once finished, simple use a microfibre towel to remove the remaining product.


Step 2: Enhance paint clarity and refining gloss

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Professional Ultra Finishing Polish (otherwise known as 205) features advanced technology formula to provide a deep gloss, permanently removing swirls and light defects.


This product has a low-level of cut which will also remove the hazing left behind from compounding, refining the finish achieved with Meguiar’s 105.


Start by priming the yellow finishing disc in the same way as the red cutting disc during Step 1.


Ensure the pad is topped up in between passes before working on the panel, reducing the speed of the DA and increasing the arm speed.


Once you’re happy with the panel, simply remove the product using a clean microfibre towel.


Step 3: Lasting shine and paint protection


The final stage of the MT320 Pro Kit is the application of Meguiar’s High-Tech Yellow Paste Wax. With a compound such as 105, you revive paintwork. With a compound such as 205, you’re refining that paintwork further. By finishing with a wax, it’ll give your newly corrected paint the proper protection it deserves!


Meguiar’s High-Tech Yellow Paste Wax uses Carnauba wax blended with silicones, polymers and other waxes to enrich a car’s paint colour.


Application is simple – apply a small amount of wax to the soft foam applicator pad and spread evenly on the paintwork.


Allow the wax to cure, using the finger test to determine when it’s safe to remove the wax. If your finger runs through the wax cleanly with no resistance, it’s time to remove the wax with a clean microfibre towel.


Step back and admire your freshly-corrected paintwork!



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