Meguiar’s UK @ Performance Vauxhall Show 2017

نشرت: 15 يونيو 2017


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In the world of car tuning few scenes embrace it quite like Vauxhall owners do. In fact, as soon as a new model rolls off the production line there always seems to be a multitude of aftermarket upgrades available – from the handling right through to the styling and interior!

This isn’t a new trait, either. From old-school Novas back in the early 90s through to the latest performance VXRs, Vauxhalls and tuning are like two peas in a pod – something celebrated every year at the Performance Vauxhall Show.

With this level of passion shown towards a single marque it’s no surprise to learn that the majority of owners care greatly about their car’s appearance. Meguiar’s is hugely proud to boast a wide catalogue of products suitable for ALL your cleaning needs, and it was a pleasure to showcase these once again at this year’s PVS Show @ Santa Pod Raceway.

2017 marked a significant year for PVS with it being the 10th anniversary of the hugely-popular Corsa VXR along with the 25th anniversary of the iconic Cavalier. PVS brings together all avenues of Vauxhall ownership, from concourse-clean motors right through the wildest & widest show cars imaginable. There’s no shortage of diversity here!

Taking centre stage on the Meguiar’s stand was Dwane’s seriously cool Vauxhall Adam. Smaller than the Corsa, the Vauxhall Adam isn’t the most obvious choice for modifying but when combined with Air Lift Performance suspension and RSE wheels Dwane’s micro machine looks 100% badass! What’s more, the little turbocharged motor up front means it’s properly fun to drive too.

Gutted you missed out? Have no fear – the month of June is absolutely packed with killer car shows, and this weekend Meguiar’s UK will be heading down to Goodwood for Players Classic. We’ll see you there!

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