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It’s been an exciting year for Meguiar’s UK with a massive variety of shows taking place combined with that rarity we like to call ‘sunshine’ (don’t look out the window… we know it’s far from that now). Over the months we’ve traveled the length and breadth of Britain with the occasional jaunt abroad, and best of all we’ve met a whole bunch of new (and familiar) faces along the way. It’s what makes this industry so worthwhile after all.

In addition to our own busy schedule, Meguiar’s UK love nothing more than seeing what you guys are upto and how you’re using Meguiar’s cleaning products all year round. It’s awesome to see thousands upon thousands of uploads within the #MeguiarsUK hashtag over on Instagram, so to celebrate we’ve selected a few of our favorites we’ve spotted recently.

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We love drifting here at Meguiar’s, but let’s be honest it’s not a culture which lends itself to car care & detailing – certainly from a bodywork point of view at least (given how regularly panels are scratched, dented and cable tied back together). Jay’s S14a is an exception though, and a pretty jaw-dropping one at that! Home built using nothing but the best JDM parts, Jay’s S14a is kept spotless with Meguiar’s cleaning goodies and shows that small tweaks can make big differences. Check out the full build here: https://www.instagram.com/l16jay/

You’ve gotta start ’em early, right? We’re loving this stanced stroller spotted by Lewis Knight earlier in the week. Nicknamed the ‘Cozy Coupe’ this decked ride ticks all the boxes for a killer feature car: Super-low suspension, mega camber and a custom two-tone paint job. What’s not to love? Go hit up https://www.instagram.com/e30_ljk/ for more shots including his super-cool bagged Audi S-Line.

Red paintwork isn’t easy to keep clean. Aside from being a demon for showing up swirl marks and cobwebs, certain red paints have a tendency of going a bit pinkish over time when regularly exposed to the sun (and unprotected). Thankfully Stuart Kenward doesn’t have this issue. Every week he grabs his favourite Meguiar’s cleaning gear to ensure his Corsa VXR is kept in stunning condition – just look at that even, deep gloss achieved over the entire bodywork! Bonus points for keeping the black wheels uber-clean also. https://www.instagram.com/stuvxr1981/

Race cars need some Meguiar’s love too! This awesome shot comes from ‘Tinspiration’ – a pair of automotive photographers creating some seriously cool content from across the UK and beyond. From classic Americana to stanced Dubs and everything in between, there’s a little something for everyone over on their Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/tinspirationuk/

Graham McClung’s Scirocco R looks seriously wild, and it’s exactly what we love about the VW scene. Slammed to the ground on Air Lift suspension by our good friends over at The Install Company, Graham’s kept the bodywork relatively standard with the exception of one thing… fresh new paint! Porsche Viper Green was the choice, and it’s safe to say it looks stunning laid over the Scirocco R. We can’t wait to see this car @ Edition 38 this weekend.

There’s a reason so many cars boast Air Lift Performance suspension and Rotiform Wheels – it just looks seriously cool! By themselves they’re good, but combined they totally transform the way a car both looks and drives. David Sanders Audi S5 is the perfect example of this pairing done right, installed by Riiva Designs ensuring the Audi is able to drive while slammed to the ground and only be lifted for speed bumps and obstacles. See more of this build here: https://www.instagram.com/dav_sanders/

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