New Models Unveiled at Geneva Motorshow 2015

نشرت: 05 مارس 2015


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Geneva Motorshow is big news for car manufacturers. It’s the time of year where new models are released and the worlds biggest marques wrestle for limelight.

This year was no exception with Audi, Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari and Koenigsegg all unveiling new models.

Lamborghini continued the SV tradition with the launch of a new Aventador variant.


With less weight, more power and revised styling, it’s the most striking Aventador yet.


Ferrari wheeled out their new 488GTB, packing two turbochargers and 661bhp.


It will be interesting to see how this new power plant will be received, it’s a departure from the 458’s howling n/a V8…

MacLaren expanded their product line with the new 675LT. This LT model resurrects the heritage of the companies ‘Long Tail’ models. Production is limited to 500 units, each costing a cool £259,500.


111/ , EUROPA; SCHWEIZ, GENF, Datum: 03.03.2015 12:24:47: Automobilausstellung in Genf 2015 - Robert Kah / imagetrust

While Audi uncovered the 2nd instalment in the R8 story, which in V10 Plus trim delivers a naturally aspirated 610bhp and sharp new styling.


But perhaps the most extreme new production model to be unveiled is Koenigsegg’s 1500bhp Regera hybrid.


Utilising a 5.0 twin turbo V8 plus a host of electric motors it produces the heady power figure, the Regera represents a new breed of hybrid ‘megacar’

It looks like it’s a great time for super cars right now, and we can’t wait to start seeing these on the street!

Check out more from Geneva on the Autoblog website here:

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