No Scrubbing Necessary! Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

نشرت: 02 مارس 2018


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Cleaning your wheels can be one of the most difficult and tiresome jobs for car enthusiasts. It’s not hard to understand why, either. Your wheels are constantly subject to contaminants every time your vehicle moves. What’s more, these contaminants are then constantly baked on every time you apply the brakes… throwing in some good ol’ brake dust for good measure, too.

The problem is, with so many wheel cleaners on the market right now, which is going to be best for you? Standard wheels, split rims, matte finished, polished and chrome. Is there really one wheel cleaner suitable for ALL of these? Yup, Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner.

Let’s hit you with the big fact, first. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is acid-free and pH balanced. What does this mean in layman’s terms? It’s safe to use on ALL wheel finishes. No risk of stripping paint or leaving a cloudy haze over the lacquer; Ultimate Wheel Cleaner really is safe on everything – even painted brake components!

As our most powerful wheel cleaner yet, Ultimate Wheel Cleaner needs no scrubbing or agitating for the dissolving agents to work. In fact, the deep-cleaning gel formula turns brake dust purple and road grime brown as it gently loosens stubborn contaminants without the need for a brush. Seeing the dirt quite literally fall is all kinds of satisfying…

Still need convincing? Check out the gallery below showing a typical 18in wheel being coated with Ultimate Wheel Cleaner before being jet washed off several minutes later. No scrubbing, no brushing, simply spray on and jet wash off!

Fast Facts

  • Active gel quickly dissolves heavy brake dust! Turns purple as it dissolves brake dust!
  • Tough on road grime and dirt, but not your wheels!
  • Acid free and pH balanced – Safe for all wheel finishes!
  • Safe on painted brake components
  • Delivers powerful cleaning, yet gentle and safe

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