Players Mk1 Golf in the Meguiar’s Detailing Bay

نشرت: 01 ديسمبر 2014


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Meguiar’s is hugely proud to support a wide range of car shows every single year, and one of the most-popular events we attend is Players Show @ North Weald Airfield. Since 2006 Jay McToldridge and Carl Taylor have transformed this show from a humble VW-based get together into one of the UK’s best shows, welcoming thousands of high-quality modified cars covering just about every style, make and marque in the process.


Part of the show’s success is the passion both Jay and Carl have for modified cars. Before the show existed the pair were regular faces in the likes of Fast Car and Performance VW Magazine, building everything from a camo Audi TT to a race-ready 76 Polo! You’d think the pressure of launching a new show would slow the car building down, but in reality it’s spurred them on even more to build jaw-dropping motors guaranteed to break the internet.


It’s safe to say Jay’s Mk1 Golf has done just that. Officially unveiled @ Players 8.0 back in September, Jay’s Mk1 was stripped back to a bare shell before undergoing a full respray in Porsche RSR Green. Every nut and bolt was either replaced, upgraded or refurbished to a show-quality standard, but don’t think this is some sort of trailer queen – boasting a supercharged G60 lump under the bonnet, 6-pot Forge Brakes, KW coilovers and a stripped and caged interior it’s got all the show AND the go – something we’re a big fan of here at Meguiar’s.


But with so much time, effort and money invested into the Mk1 it’s essential to keep every element of the car in immaculate condition – especially the flawless paintwork which shows even the smallest specs of dirt. Jay is no stranger to car care, but even the very best show car owners can still take pointers when it comes to detailing your car – something Meguiar’s was happy to explain earlier in the month.AK7Z0007


Truth be told the Mk1’s paintwork was already in exceptional condition – a testament to the quality of Simon’s work at The Paint Box. With a full correction not necessary, we took the opportunity to run through a step-by-step cleaning process with Jay, starting off with an initial wash using Meguiar’s Wash & Wax right through to using Ultimate Compound with our G220 Dual Action system.


In addition to the cleaning process, we also ran through several misconceptions associated with detailing and keeping your car clean such as frequency of waxing and carnauba waxes. This is something we also explain within our Detailing Seminars for car clubs – if you’d like to find out more please visit the following link: AK7Z0050


It was great to catch-up with Jay and we look forward to seeing what the Players Show has to offer in 2015 – we’ll see you there!


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