PREVIEW: Meguiar’s at Forge Action Day 2014

نشرت: 11 سبتمبر 2014


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You would be forgiven for thinking that track cars don’t need cleaning… In actual fact, track cars are in need of a good car care regime too! Let’s face it, nobody likes to work on a dirty car… Track cars pick up rubber debris, fuel deposits and some serious dust while out on track. An integral part of preparing a car well is keeping it clean.

That’s why Meguiar’s will be taking a fully stocked stand along to Forge Action Day this Saturday 13th September at Castle Coombe Circuit. On the stand we will have a mix of track and show for you to feast your eyes on.

Jamie Gough will be bringing his immaculate HT Racing X-Pack MK2 Escort RS2000:


Martin Sheaders will be parking up his incredible wide body Renault 5 GT Turbo:


Along with Adrian Hall’s HT Racing YB Cosworth X-Pack MK2 Escort:


Sam Mcmahon will be taking his patina’d Splitscreen Bus:


And Claire and Simon Miskelly’s unique J’s Racing wide arch S2000 will be on the stand:


Plus Ryan Stewart will be resting his 580BHP MK5 Golf up between sessions.


That’s quite a serious selection of car’s and we can’t wait to see them all parked up together!

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