REPORT: Meguiar’s UK @ Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

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June is a great month for petrolheads. Aside from the weather (typically) being that bit warmer, the month of June also plays host to one of the most important events on the calendar – the Goodwood Festival of Speed!


Originally launched back in 1993 as a fairly small event centered around a 1.16-mile hillclimb, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has morphed into the UK’s biggest automotive event bar none, now spanning four days and attracting hundreds of thousands of fans in the process. So what exactly makes it so special?


First and foremost, the location is prestigious to say the least! In fact, it actually takes place on the front lawn of its founder, Lord March, who just so happens to have a hillclimb course also running alongside his house. Being a die-hard petrolhead, Lord March also had a 2.5-mile rally course carved within the forest on his grounds. We’d all do the same, right?


Secondly is the type of stands and traders you’ll see lining the course. In recent years, major manufacturers including Honda, Audi and Ford have all turned up to Goodwood with gigantic structures showcasing their entire fleet, as well as those icons of the past – including road and race cars – which otherwise are only ever seen on a Google image search. Original GT40? You’ve got it. Le Mans-winning Mazda 787b? It’s been shipped from Japan especially for the event…


But the main reason why Goodwood rocks is the action. No other event brings together such diversity and allows the public to get so close to the action you can smell and feel every engine as it thunders up the hill.


Whether you’re a classic racing fan reminiscing over the golden era of F1, or simply want to see the latest hypercars from Italy tearing up the 1.16-mile course, Goodwood delivers without fail – come rain or shine – year after year. And for that fact alone it’ll always be a major show on the calendar!


The 2016 Festival of Speed was centered around BMW, who celebrate their 100th year of production in 2016 with a gigantic sculpture taking center stage in front of Goodwood House. In addition to the latest models blasting up the hill, BMW rolled out a massive collection of past race cars and bikes including those BMW-powered machines such as the McLaren F1 Longtail.


Super rare, super expensive but seriously fast – every one of these amazing machines were driven hard up the hill all day long!


But it’s not all hypercars and racing, in fact Goodwood now accommodates a carefully-selected set of stands delving into the world of car care and tuning, including software specialists Revo, suspension-gurus Bilstein and of course the kings of car care – Meguiar’s UK!


After a hugely successful 2015 Meguiar’s UK was proud to be welcomed back to Goodwood alongside 3M Wraps, giving the Goodwood crowds an insight into car care and vehicle wrapping throughout all four days. The Meguiar’s stand was packed full of awesome show cars including our Crown Vic, the Players Show Mk1 Golf and their latest addition, the PlayMerc W123 Coupe.


Meguiar’s is proud to offer a wide range of cleaning accessories to cater for all cleaning needs, from those who have never professionally cleaned their cars right through to show-winning concourse owners.


Throughout the weekend, Meguiar’s put the MT320 to test on the PlayMerc, showing first-hand the results that can be achieved on dull paint with the right product and a little elbow grease.


How do you cause a stir @ Goodwood? Unleash the aired-out Meguiar’s Crown Vic, a car which had a permanent crowd round it all show. We were blown away by the response it received, not only the finish of the standard paint but also the quality of the work and Air Lift suspension.


It even had a soundtrack to rival those racing up the hill courtesy of its V8 motor and straight-through exhaust system…


With rain showers trying to dampen spirits over the weekend, it also gave us the perfect opportunity to show the power of Wash & Wax Anywhere for removing dirt and dust instantly! Despite this, the crowds still turned out in their masses and once again proved why Goodwood remains the number 1 event of the year.


Four days of action, over a million horsepower and the smell of tyre smoke filling the air in the British countryside. It doesn’t get much better than that – bring on 2017!

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