Restore Headlight Clarity in Two Easy Steps

نشرت: 20 مايو 2016


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Does your car suffer from dull and discolored headlights? You’re not alone – in fact most modern cars equipped with plastic headlights will suffer from oxidization much in the same way that paint does. In fact, prolonged exposure to UV rays will further fade the plastic giving it a milky, yellowy appearance.


Meguiar’s has the perfect solution, and at £30 it costs just a fraction of what replacement headlights would otherwise cost you! Our 2 Step Headlight Restoration Kit is exactly that – a fast, easy and affordable means of restoring your car’s headlights in two simple steps. Not only does it remove the oxidation from the surface, but it also provides a durable UV coating which lasts for more than 12 months.


No other headlight kit offers the speed and quality of Meguiar’s 2 Step. Simply clean the headlight using Step 1 Cleaner along with the pad provided, then wipe off any residue before evenly spraying Step 2 Protectant over the headlight lens. Right before your eyes you will see the clarity returning to the headlight! Don’t believe us? You can see a step-by-step guide by clicking the following link:


The Meguiar’s 2 Step Headlight Restoration Kit is priced at just £30 and can be ordered clicking either link at the top or bottom of the blog. Each kit comes with enough product to easily restore a pair of car headlights, as well as preventing oxidation for up to a year thanks to the Meguiar’s proprietary coating included in each kit.



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