Restoring tired headlights with Meguiar’s Two Step PerfectClarity Headlight Restoration kit

نشرت: 20 يناير 2017


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If you own a car with plastic headlights, no matter how well you care for your it, it’s inevitable that at some point the headlights will succumb to UV light, stone chips and road salt. This can mean they will not be as bright as they could be and begin to appear cloudy.


Meguiar’s Two Step PerfectClarity Headlight Restoration kit fixes discolouration or cloudiness in two simple steps.


Step one uses the PerfectClarity Cleaning Solution and cleaning pads. Working in a linear motion the pads and solution work together to clean the oxidised top layer from the plastic headlight lens. This abrasion is enough to remove imperfections and minor chips from the headlight surface by hand, but for more challenging corrections the cleaning pads can also be used with a DA Power Pack for incredible results.


Once fully cleaned the headlight will exhibit a uniform, hazed finish. It looks alarming at first but this is the perfect base for the second stage, the PerfectClarity Headlight Coating.


The PerfectClarity Headlight Coating is very simple to apply with an aerosol action. The self levelling coating creates a crystal clear barrier that will protect the headlight for years to come.


Not only will your headlights look factory fresh, they will improve night time visibility with an uninterrupted beam pattern lighting the road ahead.


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