Riiva Design Defenders get the Meguiar’s treatment!

نشرت: 13 أكتوبر 2016


العودة إلى المعرض

Mud splatter, bramble-scratched paintwork and a Labrador dribbling in the back – these are all things you’d traditionally associate with a Land Rover Defender, so what’s a pair of ’em doing on the Meguiar’s blog?


In case you haven’t guessed it already, these aren’t your typical Defenders. Built and customised by Leicester-based Riiva Design, the two Defender 90s pictured here are immaculate both inside and out. Just about every nut and bolt has been replaced, repaired or upgraded along with the suspension, paintwork and interior. In fact, the grey Defender even boasts a pair of Recaro Sportster CS seats up front.


But why go to such lengths on a car designed for the fields? In recent years, the Defender market has become seriously desirable – helped additionally by Land Rover stopping production after 67-years in January 2016. Their off-road ability and ruggedness made them a hit with farmers and rural communities – perfectly capable of churning up the fields in the morning and racking up the motorway miles in the afternoon. The desire for bespoke, high-quality Defenders was inevitable, after all who says the daily has to be dull?


We just about managed to squeeze both cars into the Meguiar’s detailing bay to prep and correct the paintwork, resulting in two of the best-looking Defenders we’ve ever seen. Best of all, they’re still capable of going off-road… but not without a coat of liquid wax first!


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