Rocket Bunny RX7 in the detailing bay

نشرت: 08 مايو 2017


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, chances are you’ll have heard the term ‘Rocket Bunny’ in the tuning scene. No, this isn’t some jet-fueled cabbage-eating pet, but rather a Japanese manufacturer who’s quickly become renowned for creating the widest & coolest bolt-on bodykits available.

The man behind the masterpiece is Kei Miura who, after taking inspiration from classic silhoutte race cars in the 80s and 90s, decided to create a range of bodykits for popular Japanese (and non-Japanese models). We’re talking about bolt-on overfenders, duck-bill splitters and cutaway bumpers.

One of our favourites in the Rocket Bunny V2 designed for the FD3S Mazda RX7, and as it happens there’s one located just a few miles away from Meguiar’s HQ belonging to Jordan Warren. It’d be rude not to get it in the detailing bay, right?

Jordan bought the RX7 as an unfinished project and over the past year he’s painstakingly put it back together in his garage, with the exception of the bodywork which was fitted and painted by iKustoms in Desborough. Engine running, mapped and air suspension installed by Riiva Design, Jordan needed the fresh paintwork absolutely gleaming ahead of its show debut.

There wasn’t a huge amount of work needed, so Meguiar’s utilised our Microfibre Cutting Pad complete with Finishing Wax for a quick one-stage correction on the RX7’s paintwork. In case it looks familiar, this is the same colour utilized by Lamborghini on the Murcielago – one of the few cars wider than Jordan’s RX7! You can see a full guide on how to correct your paintwork here:

Thanks to Jordan for bringing along his incredible RX7 which you can expect to see at Players Classic next month.

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