Slam Sanctuary get to grips with Meguiar’s Mirror Bright

نشرت: 29 يناير 2018


العودة إلى المعرض

Friends of Meguiar’s, Slam Sanctuary, recently made use of some very rare weekend sun to get to grips with the latest Mirror Bright range. Bringing together a mix of static and bagged, new and old, wrapped and painted, the Slam Sanctuary crew used the Meguiar’s Mirror Bright kit to bring the cars up to scratch.


Drawing inspiration from the original Meguiar’s Mirror Bright range in 1901, this latest Mirror Bright range packs the latest car care technology into stylish, retro bottles that mimic the original Meguiar’s glass bottles.


Uniquely, each Mirror Bright product has a dual purpose, so they are super versatile. You can polish and wax paintwork and clean and feed leather at the same time plus the detailer is suitable for both paintwork and plastics, making it ideal for interior and exterior surfaces.


Check out what Slam Sanctuary thought of the Mirror Bright range by visiting the blog here:

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