Slide ‘n’ Shine: The Meguiar’s Drift Supra

نشرت: 13 يوليو 2016


العودة إلى المعرض

Drifting isn’t exactly a sport which brings with it a concourse approach to your car’s exterior. After all, shredding tyres at 100+mph just inches from armco (and other drivers) usually ends up with a drift car’s bodywork a little… rough and ready. But just because that’s the norm doesn’t mean it applies to every drifter…


Take Norwegian drifter Dennis Martinsson for instance. His Meguiar’s-liveried Toyota Supra looks perfectly at home in the paddock with its bodywork gleaming, but fire up its V8-swapped engine and it’ll happily destroy its tyres all day long!


Don’t believe us? Check out the following video below to see (and hear) this beast in action.

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