SPOTLIGHT: Chris Forsberg’s Datsun 280Z

نشرت: 20 يناير 2017


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In the world of professional drifting Chris Forsberg needs no introduction. Last October he became the first three-time Formula Drift champion with his Nissan 370Z, so it’s safe to say he’s more than capable behind the wheel! But when he’s not busy destroying tyres in his twin-turbo race car, Chris has another Fairlady project equally as awesome lurking in his garage…


This isn’t your typical Datsun 280Z. Aside from featuring a completely overhauled exterior – consisting of a custom CarbonSignal G-Nose conversion and Moonbeam widebody – this Datsun 280Z packs an RB-powered punch, specifically the RB25DET lump traditionally found in R33 GTS-T and R34 GT-T Skyline models!


But it wasn’t always this wildly modified, in fact Chris bought the 280Z standard quite a few years ago. Ahead of SEMA 2016 last November, Chris decided to give the Datsun a complete overhaul nicknaming it the ‘280Z 3.0’ on account of how many times it’s been revamped to a new spec.


Every inch of the car has been modified, and best of all this isn’t a show pony – Chris regularly drives the 280Z (as well as drifting it) so every upgrade has been carefully selected to ensure the Datsun remains totally reliable all year round.


In fact, it’s so well maintained and cared for Meguiar’s awarded it with the Super Street award for ‘Best Of Show’ at this year’s SEMA show, a seriously prestigious title when you consider just how much awesome tuned metal is on display in the Las Vegas Convention Centre!


Put simply, it’s a beautiful modern take on a Japanese classic and one we look forward to seeing again in the future. Who knows what 280Z 4.0 will have in store?

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