SPOTLIGHT: David Do’s FD3S Mazda RX7 – Meguiar’s Prepped!

نشرت: 23 أبريل 2018


العودة إلى المعرض

We’re not being biased here, but the 90s were a pretty awesome time to be alive. Mobile phones, Fat Willies t-shirts and the early stages of a little thing called internet. Life was pretty sweet in the 90s, and that was before you looked at what was roaming the streets…

This was a decade which spawned some of the wildest (and worst) cars ever made, but for the sake of this blog post we’ll focus on the good stuff. Halfway around the world in Japan just about every manufacturer was rapidly developing sports cars to take on the might of the Italians and Germans. Toyota brought us the Supra, Nissan the mighty Skyline GT-R. Mazda? They had a little thing called the RX7.

Now the RX7 wasn’t exactly new in the 90s; in fact it was first produced back in 1978. But in 1992 Mazda unveiled the third generation known as the FD3S which would be their most ambitious model to date. Sports car styling, 50/50 weight distribution and a unique rotary engine boasting sequential turbos.

It was unlike anything else on the market, and even by modern standards the FD3S remains a potent sportscar. So throw in some tuning and the end result can be truly spectacular!

One of our favourite tuned RX7s belongs to Houston-based David Do. David’s owned this particular FD for many years now, but during that time he’s continued to develop and progress it from a stock sports car to the monster pictured here. In fact, its current ‘look’ might just be our favourite to date…

The red paintwork has always remained the same, but now it wears huge Garage Fukuoh wide arches matched perfectly with 18in Volk Racing TE37s and RE Amemiya carbon additions. But its the details which really make this car stand out from the rest. No stone has been left untunrned, from the interior and engine right through to the chassis and underside.

David’s been a keen user of the Meguiar’s range for many years now and that’s easily reflected (quite literally) in the quality of his RX7. Who says performance cars can’t be maintained to a show quality?

You can see more pictures of David’s incredible FD by visiting his Instagram page here:

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