SPOTLIGHT: Kenwood ‘Project Scirocco’ @ Ultimate Dubs 2018

نشرت: 20 مارس 2018


العودة إلى المعرض

One of the things we love most about Ultimate Dubs is the odd show car curveball it can throw into the mix. With social media playing such a massive part of modern car culture, it’s unusual to see anything truly ‘new’ at a show, but there was one particular car being kept tight-lipped…

Belonging to our good friends at Kenwood UK, rumors surrounded exactly what they’d been up to over winter other than something super wide, and super wild. We knew it was a Scirocco, but that was it. And with a cover over it during the Saturday evening, we just had to check out come Sunday morning!

Truth be told, it’s not a new car per se, but rather the old Kenwood demo car given a full makeover courtesy of Riiva Designs and a whole load of badass upgrades. The stock bodywork is a distant memory, now wearing Scirocco R bumpers and monstrous Voomeran arches. The 19in wheels have been ditched in favor of 18s… but these are now custom-made Rotiforms which aren’t only staggered in size, they’re two completely different designs altogether!

Then there’s the livery. Look familiar? The wrap (and overall look of the car) has taken inspiration from one of the coolest race cars ever made, the Kremer Porsche 962C. Or more specifically, the Kenwood Kremer which raced in 1989. We’ve seen a lot of race-inspired liveries on road cars in the past, but few have nailed it the way Kenwood have with the Scirocco. Not only is the wrap inspired, the wheel design and interior choice all reflects the 80s Porsche which ties everything brilliantly together.

A killer exterior is one thing, but it’s all wasted without a killer stance. Step forward Air Lift Performance and their ‘off the shelf’ solution to getting a road car on the absolute deck at the push of a button. We use the exact same system on our Polish Interceptor, and having racked up thousands of miles over the years it’s safe to say we’re more than convinced with the benefits air suspension brings. Kenwood’s Scirocco sits absolutely millimeter-perfect over the Rotiform wheels, packing enough stretch to tuck into those super-wide arches without looking broken. Stance done right!

Inside it’s a similar affair to the exterior; motorsport inspired without affecting its usability. Two Cobra fixed bucket seats work perfectly against the Momo suede steering wheel, while a bespoke air setup in the back by Riiva Design ditches the rear seats altogether.

This was – without a doubt – one of our stand-out cars at the show and it was a pleasure to be on hand to keep the Scirocco’s exterior perfectly clean throughout the show. If you thought this thing looked wild at the show, wait till you see it rollin’ on the streets!

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