SPOTLIGHT: Steven Doe’s Brilliant White E21

نشرت: 15 ديسمبر 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

We’ve known Steven, or ‘Doey’ to his friends, for quite some time. Moving up the ranks of modified cars from a Bomex kitted EG Civic, through a MK4 and onto this stunning E21.

Following his colour coded jazz blue MK4, this chromed out E21 might have come as a surprise to some but Steven’s always had a thing for a retro BMW. This 316 popped up locally in excellent condition and he knew it was the perfect base for his next project.

Already being a huge fan of the flexibility of air ride this E21 received the same treatment. With no kits available for the early 3 series chassis Steven turned to Luke at Andy Robinson Race Cars to fabricate a custom kit using Air Lift Performance parts. The result is a slammed look with much more modern underpinnings.

Aside from the actual air suspension struts, Doey’s completed the majority of the build himself. The ultra tidy boot install is Doey’s handy work and has gone through a couple of evolutions to get to the point where it is at now. It’s finished in leather and tweed to match the retrimmed RS Turbo Recaros that sit inside the car with a retro Nardi wheel.

Check the car out at shows up and down the country, Doey favours Meguiar’s Mirror Bright products to prepare it for show and Meguiar’s NXT Metal Polysh to keep ontop of those amazing CCW split rims.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on Doey’s E21 in our detailing bay and quite honestly pictures do not do the paint and finish of this car justice! It’s refreshing to see such an original machine brought back into 2017, and we look forward to seeing what future plans Doey has next!

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