TAROX Porsche Boxster gets the Meguiar’s Ultimate treatment!

نشرت: 10 أبريل 2018


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The Meguiar’s Detailing Bay is the ultimate playground for car care & paint correction, but we’re always keen to point out that you don’t necessarily need racks of halogen lights to achieve jaw-dropping results. In fact, all Meguiar’s products are designed to be used from the comfort of your own home… or garage if you’ve gotta keep the missus happy.

Keen to take advantage of this fact are the guys up at TAROX in Manchester. Now TAROX are usually focused on high-performance braking solutions for both road and track cars, but when it came to refreshing their Porsche Boxster project it was in desperate need of some Meguiar’s TLC. Step forward our Ultimate range…

One of the most common issues we hear of is cobweb scratches and swirls commonly caused by everyday wear and tear. It can seriously cheapen the look of a car, but what most people don’t realise is these swirls and scratches aren’t a permanent fixture: with the right product and a little application your paintwork will be back to crystal clear in no time!

Ultimate Compound is very versatile, it can be applied by hand, a dual action polisher or (as pictured) a rotary machine. The process remains the same for each technique, starting by first ensuring your car is thoroughly washed and dried. Once complete, apply a small amount of Ultimate Compound to the applicator pad and work in an up and down, left to right motion. The more pressure you apply to the pad, the more the level of cut increases. Depending on how deep the scratches are, a dual action polisher may be required for best results.

You’ll know when it’s time to remove as soon as the product begins to turn to a haze on the paintwork. Take a clean microfiber or cotton terry towel and remove the residue. Reassess the surface and see if the swirls have been removed. If not, don’t worry – just re-apply the Ultimate Compound to the pad and work the area once again!

With the swirls and cobwebs removed, you’ll want to feed the paint with oils in order to achieve a deep, rich gloss. A common misconception is that polishes remove scratches and swirls, but actually they are geared towards feeding the paint with nourishing oils instead. It is important that you ALWAYS apply a wax after a polish, as the wax is what seals the polish to the paint. Without the wax, the polish would wash off in the first rain shower.

But how’s best to prevent scratches from appearing once again? With the Ultimate Polish applied, it’s time to seal in the gloss with a good quality wax. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax gives a deep, rich gloss and provides excellent durability and protection all year round. Waxing complete, it’s time to step back and enjoy swirl-free paintwork whatever the weather!

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