THROWBACK: Inside Meguiar’s USA Headquarters

نشرت: 18 أكتوبر 2017


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‘Here’s where the magic happens.’

Don’t adjust your screen, this isn’t an episode of MTV Cribs and we’re not about to jump on a rotating bed swaggin’ out of our little minds. This is something even better; we’re delving deep into the Meguiar’s USA Headquarters…

Located in sunny Irvine, California, we do often wonder if Meguiar’s UK drew the short straw as we currently reside in Daventry, Northamptonshire. But while our tans might not stack up to our ‘Murican brethren, we all share the same die-hard passion for car care which unites us all together.

In their defense, the Meguiar’s story is a take which started Stateside some 116-years ago so they’re entitled to a bit of sunshine…

1901 was the year when the magic first happened, as Frank Meguiar Jr. produced his first cleaning product… a wooden furniture polish. He even made it using an eggbeater in his front room! We’ve always been about the personal touch here.

It wasn’t until a few years later that the first car care products rolled off the line, and by the 50s & 60s Meguiar’s now boasted a full range of polishes and waxes we’ve become synonymous with. We even produced a little thing called Mirror Glaze which you might be familiar with by now…

Speaking of history, one of the first sights you’re greeted with @ Meguiar’s HQ is a full timeline from day complete with period-correct adverts and product images. It’s amazing to see just how far back the Meguiar’s range goes, not to mention how seriously cool the old glass & metal tins looked!

Lambo doors & split rims on an Integra Type-R – give it a few more years this will be back in fashion…

Now that’s what you call a meeting desk! Who needs an espresso when you’ve got several thousand horsepower lurkin’ by your feet?

Fun fact – the 4-cylinder turbocharged engine pictured here was fitted to a Meguiar’s Ford Focus drag car back in 2001.

Another piece of history here, Brilliant Solutions 2004. This annual catalogue showcases ALL Meguiar’s cleaning solutions – from amateur to professional – and in 2004 featured Carisma’s TVR Cerbera on the cover, one of the wildest cars ever produced from the UK.

Now here’s where the magic REALLY happens! You’re looking at the office space of Meguiar’s boss, Barry Meguiar.

Like a time capsule from the 80s, Barry’s office features some of the softest carpets you’ll ever lay feet on. Not to mention a mass of money-cant-buy collectibles including an original brick from the Indy 500 circuit.

How many offices can boast a classic Texaco fuel pump in the corner?

From a classic 80s office to a much more brutal one, this is where you’ll find RJ De Vera when the weather’s shining. His Mercedes AMG GT is a thing of beauty and regularly used as a demo car for Meguiar’s. In fact, RJ actually had the paintwork sanded back a few years ago @ SEMA before using Meguiar’s product to rejuvenate the shine. That’s what you call dedication.

So there you have it, a peek inside our American headquarters. Thanks to Barry, RJ and the rest of the Meguiar’s USA team for allowing us access. You’re more than welcome to do the same in Daventry whenever you want…

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