Throwback Thursday: Those Were the Days!

نشرت: 03 يوليو 2014


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Before Twitter, Facebook and Instagram there was a time when you had to actually wait to see the latest car builds and projects. Shows were a once-a-month affair and magazines battled it out to get the best feature cars! This Throwback Thursday is dedicated to those times, so let’s take it back to the turn of the century…


Who remembers Jamie Shaw’s absolutely bonkers TVR Cerbera? Wide over fenders and a giant carbon wing fitted to a supercar – sounds a bit familiar to the Liberty Walk cars of 2014! Best of all, Jamie built every one of his cars to the absolute highest standard – something which he has stuck by ever since, now producing bespoke vehicles for footballers and celebrities!


As you can see from the picture above, the Meguiar’s Cleaning range has expanded a significant amount over the past decade!


One of the most famous Vauxhall Astras ever built – this Max Power monster took wide arches and DTM styling to a whole new level! Bright, lairy, In-yer-face and still finished to an incredible standard, the Max Power Astra sparkled 24/7 with a little help from Meguiar’s.

UK Tuner Show

Who can guess the event? Look at how rammed every stand is – crazy! We love seeing photos like this, the longer you stare the better it gets! It was all about car audio in the early 2000s, so every car on display would have the bonnet AND boot open blasting out some serious bass! We’ve even managed to track down a classic video from Donny presented by Vanilla Ice of all people…

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