UPDATE: The Crown Vic gets an interior makeover @ Dave The Trimmer

نشرت: 02 أبريل 2017


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We all take great pride in keeping our car’s exterior fresh, but it’s easy to neglect the interior purely because it doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor usually associated with freshly-polished paint. The irony is, you’ cant drive or enjoy your car without using the interior… so why neglect it in the first place?


The Meguiar’s cleaning range covers every aspect of interior care – from leather upholstery and brushed alloy trim right through to black plastics and hard-wearing carpets. The problem is, how do you showcase the quality of these cleaning products when interiors are typically quite dull-looking? Simple – you create a jaw-dropping interior instead!


The Meguiar’s Crown Vic is a genuine ex-Police car imported from the good ol’ USA, modernised with Air Lift Performance suspension to give it a ground-hugging stance. The ethos here was simple: if we can make a Crown Vic’s exterior shine bright like a diamond – a car used every day to serve and protect citizens – then anything is possible with a bit of Meguiar’s TLC.


With this in mind, we gave the Crown Vic’s interior the same treatment by taking it down to legendary upholsterer Dave Goodwin aka Dave The Trimmer. With more than 16 years of experience (including a stint @ Aston Martin) Dave’s quality of work really is second to none. From vintage & classics through to modern and prestige sports cars, Dave’s vast experience covers just about every vehicle imaginable.


After many cups of coffee and a lengthy discussion @ Meguiar’s HQ, the interior colour was decided as Weir Ruby Red with both leather and alcantara used throughout. The brief to Dave was relatively simple – keep the interior looking period to the age and style of the car… and then make it look awesome!


‘For the Crown Vic we went with a classic fluted design complete with twin-tip stitching on the seats and doors’ Dave explains. ‘Converting to a bench seat layout required a full day of welding before tagging both front seats together and deleting the head rests. The end result is a front seat which remains fully functional (with back and forth motion and reclining) despite now being a bench!’


The work didn’t stop there, either. Dave used a specific leather – Caledonian luxury with a matt finish and hair cell grain – to make the Crown Vic ride even smoother while on the move. In fact, there’s a full three days of work just on the foam work, let alone the leather & alcantara stitching!


To say it was all worth it is a massive understatement. The Crown Vic’s interior instantly grabs your attention without being too ‘shouty’, not to mention remaining fully functional and usable for everyday use. Red leather and alcantara is notorious for showing up scuffs and marks, so it’s the perfect combination for Meguiar’s to showcase the entire interior cleaning range while looking totally stylish in the process – the best combination.


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