Vladimir Uzelac’s 964 Carrera @ Wörthersee 2K17

نشرت: 27 يونيو 2017


العودة إلى المعرض

Liberty Walk Lamborghinis, 1000bhp Nissan GT-Rs and even an ex-Police Interceptor (ahem) – it’s safe to say Wörthersee attracted some pretty wild and wacky cars this year! But while these monster machines are a sight to behind in a picturesque town like Velden, sometimes it’s equally as pleasing to see something a little more simple and clean on display…

One particular car which caught our attention was this super-clean Porsche 964 spotted during the XG Mag meet in Klagenfurt. Nestled in between wide-arch BMWs and an aired-out Gallardo no less, it was easy to overlook this 1991 Carrera 2 belonging to Vladimir Uzelac. But nothing gets past Meguiar’s when it’s boasting deep, glossy paintwork!

Vlad’s 964 is living proof of the age-old saying ‘less is more’. With Porsche values soaring across the globe it’s becoming rarer and rarer to see good examples on the road – let alone modified – with many being snapped up and dry-stored by investors. Thankfully Vladimir’s focus is solely on enjoying his 964 just the way Porsche intended, albeit with a few extra tweaks along the way.

The most obvious change to the exterior is the use of OE Porsche Twist wheels taken from the later 996 Turbo measuring in at 18×8.5in (front) and 18x10in (rear). It’s a tried and tested look which we absolutely love, especially when the stock ride height is slammed to the ground courtesy of H&R coilovers.

Although not fitted during Wörthersee, Vlad has since added a set of Recaro A8 bucket seats to the Porsche’s interior – easily one of the best-looking (and most sought after) seats in the tuning world. These were only ever available as an optional extra on certain Porsche models, and if you can even find a set for sale expect to pay some serious wedge!

There might have been wilder Porsches spotted at Wörthersee but we’re loving what Vlad’s achieved with just a few careful and well thought out modifications. We can’t wait to see how this car progresses over the rest of the year.

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